What wireless standards fall within controlbot's claims?
Controlbot's various patents allow internet controlled robots to interact with short-range bidirectional digital radio linked devices. Some of the various standards that fall within our claims include:

Control bluetooth devices. These can range from input devices such as audio and keyboard robotic controls, to audiovisual presentation devices, to appliances and sophisticated instrumentation.

Control active and passive RFID tags. Perfect for automated inventory analysis -- using only a standard web browser, you can direct your robot to travel through your store or warehouse, collect RFID tag data, and send this data to you over the internet.

An ultra-low power standard that complements Bluetooth for very short-range applications.

Perfect for controlling legacy USB devices, the WUSB (Ultra-Wideband USB) connection allows the robot to control a wide range of instrumentation over the internet.

An open standard that is ideal for many industrial and commercial automation applications.

A proprietary standard that is excellent for many home control applications.

Advantages of an onboard web server

  • Works with standard WiFi gateways no additional components needed

  • Use HTTP tunneling to easily communicate through firewalls 

  • Effortless movement from one gateway to another

  • Your grandmother can set it up:  "unpack and go" ease of use

  • Low latency:  High bandwidth and computationally intensive tasks done locally

  • Flexible and easy to modify -- not much harder than uploading a new web page

  • Instant compatibility with almost everything

  • Avoid problems with other robotics control IP