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Use with interactive video
In many applications, it may be desirable for the robot to show video of the remote user to local users. This helps local users realize that the robot is just another form of telecommunication device, and they interact with the robot and the remote user in a natural manner.

Robots with interactive video were described and published in the 1998 academic "PRoP" work of Paulos and Canny (icra98). This work describes a mobile robot with two-way audiovisual connections that is remotely controlled over the Internet by various types of broadband connections. Additional references and information can be found in Paulos' website and 2001 Ph.D. thesis.

Frequently cited!

As of December 2017, these patents have been cited roughly 500 times by other issued robotics patents. Patent 6,658,325 has been cited as 6,658,325 165 times, and 128 times by it's initial publication number 2002/0173877. 7,096,090 has been cited 56 times, and 7,174,238 has been cited 146 times!

Companies that have cited our patents include Cisco, Evolution Robotics, HP, InTouch Health , iRobot, NEC, Nokia, PerkinElmer, Samsung, Symbol Technologies, and Toshiba.

Low cost robotic (mobile) internet WiFi webcams:

ConnectR, ROVIO, Spykee