Effective robotic telepresence for IoT devices

RFID, Bluetooth, and Zigbee IoT devices are everywhere, why not have your robot use them?
You're in California, and you need to do an instant site visit, move around and interrogate sensors, manipulate devices, or check inventory in New York? You need Controlbot's patented short-range robotic wireless technology! Controlbot's IP solutions can add RFID (active or passive), Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband USB (UWB), Zigbee, Z-wave or other short-range wireless capability to your Internet controlled mobile robots.


Short-range wireless radio field surrounding a Controlbot robot

Controlbot IP enables short-range wireless solutions.
Making maximal use of off-the-shelf technology, and leveraging off of the hundreds of millions of web browsers available worldwide, Controlbot's Internet of Things IP solutions can allow you to control pretty much anything from pretty much anywhere at minimal cost.

Imagine controlling your factory or laboratory equipment from home. Imagine visiting a patient and getting direct access to medical instrument data using any web browser in the world. Imagine an elderly person equipped with a portable alarm that can instantly summon an automated attendant connected to any human caregiver anywhere. With Controlbot technology, this is not only possible, it's not all that expensive or difficult. Controlbot technology is fully compatible with both Microsoft and open-source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) software.

What's happening to your inventory?
It's 3AM, and you're losing sleep wondering if that latest refrigerated shipment was actually put in the cold room properly? Use your web browser at home to login and direct your "RFID reader bot" to move to the proper part of your warehouse and ping the RFID tags on your inventory. Then go back to bed! Controlbot technology makes this easy and inexpensive.

A bodyguard for your wireless sensor web:
Wireless sensor webs can detect problems, but what happens when problems occur? With Controlbot technology, your wireless sensor web can "call for backup". A Controbot robot can automatically travel to the particular sensor that is reporting a problem, bring additional capability to the particular area (cameras, other sensors, manipulators), and immediately allow a remote Internet operator to cope with the problem.

A mobile Internet router:
A Controlbot robotic mobile router can automatically position itself in the best location to connect local radio linked devices (Bluetooth, Smart-dust, WiFi, Zigbee, Z-wave, etc.) with the Internet. No more dead spots! Even devices as simple as a passive RFID tag can trigger a mobile router with Controlbot technology to reposition and/or connect with the Internet and transfer data.

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